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3:36 PM
KeeMo feat. Cosmo Klein - Beautiful Lie (Chuckie, Ortzy & Nico Hamuy Remix)

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1 Jason   (18-06-2012 5:54 AM)
Not to me I have equally low eaoictxtepns for all people this way I am not disappointed and occasionally pleasantly surprised. What I do believe in is encouraging and pushing people to grow and make the most of themselves all people are capable of so much and so few of us realize even a small fraction of our abilities the waste is heartbreaking and I want to fight it tooth and nail.However, let's get back to your question which makes several incorrect assumptions. My reasoning as follows:1. Many rap videos are entertaining, funny, intelligent and/or moving, as are many rap songs. The works of two of my favorites, Blackstar and Common Sense, leap to mind. I judge certain of Talib Kweli's lyrics to be some of the greatest poetry ever written. I consider only a subset of rap objectionable, i.e. a lot of the gangsta rap but I find a lot of pop music objectionable also, although maybe for different reasons.2. Music videos for just about every music genre have promoted sex, crime, drugs and violence the presentation may vary from rap to pop, but the cheap goods being sold are the same. 3. Although most rappers are black, many are not. For example, Eniem, Nerdcore, Classified, Vanilla Ice, Unknown Prophets.4. 70% or more of rap is purchased by white people. I consider that a vote of confidence from the majority for rap and for those who perform it, black, white, yellow or whatever.5. Are all white people judged by the videos and behavior of white pop stars (like Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan)? Why then would any even semi-intelligent person judge all black people by the videos and behavior of black rap stars? It doesn't make any sense. Also, how can people in glass houses throw stones? Bush, Clinton and Paris Hilton (hey, that rhymes!) are all white talk about lowered eaoictxtepns! This line of reasoning can go on and on and gets you nowhere. 6. One person's trash is another person's treasure. Some people love rap videos (including me!). This is the U.S. A. where freedom rings. I may not like all music videos and be disgusted by some of the more violent and criminal ones but I support the performers right to make them. I just vote with my wallet. If people didn't buy the criminal and violent stuff, it wouldn't exist. To be honest, that's the part I find disturbing (and note again, 70% or more of all rap, which includes gangsta and hard core rap, is purchased by white people, mostly white suburban kids one could argue, what does that say about white people?).7. People are people, no matter what race, nationality, sex or religion. The only thing that matters to me is if a person is a decent human being. Unfortunately, many people (regardless of race, religion, sex, nationality, etc.) are not decent human beings which is why I prefer cats. And trees. And other animals and plants.P.S. My criteria for a decent human being is someone who is courteous, kind, polite, tolerant, reasonably honest (no stealing, no big lies), a good samaritan, a green (there is only one earth, we all live here if we muck it up we are all equally dead), someone who treats others as they would like to be treated, someone who does their best not to hurt others in order to get ahead or for revenge or for other evil purposes, someone who does their best to help others and to stand up for the helpless, for freedom, goodness and decency for all. I don't expect a decent person to succeed in all of this all the time I don't I hope for all of us to truly try and to mostly succeed.

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